This unique form of outdoor moving media has proven to be an extremely cost effective way of exposing a brand or product. Our high quality, high-resolution vehicle wraps deliver excellent marketing exposure. Reaching thousands of people every day, private car branding is both a high-impact and cost-effective way of promoting a brand, product or service. Our company is leading Media Advertising Company. We are specialized in the concept of Vehicle wraps and we do offer corporate experts and professional application support. Apart from our core criteria we provide 360 degree advertising solution to our clients by providing them all the leading innovative media options. This is a new concept for promotion corporate companies on car. Some merits for advertisers are:

• It will be more visible than hoardings, scrolls, banners and other promotional.
• It will be less expensive than others way.
• Will not only in particular places, visibilities will be in more cities and places.
• An attractive way
• New way to promote companies
• Leading company in advertisement sector


We are happy to announce that it has a new and better approach to marketing. Simply put, this company specializes in putting memorable, eye-catching car wrap advertisements in front of a captive and geo-targeted audience.


Welcome to Advertising & Car Leasing Company. Just pay now 25-30%Down Payment & Get a brand New Car within Few Days And Enjoy Your New CAR. No Tension Till Complete Ur Car EMIs..
Yes it’s true!! We shall pay all Ur Car EMIs!! The idea is really simple. We offer consumers the opportunity to purchase a brand new car at the initial down payment. CarAd.in will pay all your EMIs!!
We will pay for first 5 years of your EMI after taking a loan of 5 years. After 5 years the ads on the body of cars will be removed. Another term is that you will have to pay 25-30% of the down payment. You have to drive your car every month for minimum 1,250kms. For tracking, A GPS device will be fitted in your car. You can use this car as you want, because it’s your own car with ads placed on the body. The ads area will be 60% to 70% of the car body (excluding the windows). If you miss doing 1,250kms that month, you’ll have to pay the EMI for that month from your own risk. If you already have a car, then it must not be more than 2 year old to join this scheme. You will have to pay for the installation and removal of the ad sticker on your car.


If you need a car that will help you in a cause, which could be a commercial or a business related or maybe you just want a means of transport and the car you buy is just for that purpose only. Then it’s definitely worth the buy. You save ample of funds which you could re-invest in other things of high priority which could be your savings, your medical expenses, your insurance premiums, your school/college fees, and many other pressing issues at your hand.