About Us

We are one of the Ad agency use to do the advertisement on cars. We make the advertisement smarter, eye-catching, effective and comparatively cheaper. The cars we deliver wraps with the excellent stickers is also an excellent outdoor moving media. We work as CarAd.in also known as JMD CAR AD PVT. LTD.

For Advertisers

We are introducing new marketing platform for your business which create highly impact on viewers. Mobile advertisement will give the vibrant communication to boosting image, brand and exposure for any industry.

Research shows that our unique brand of mobile marketing offers you all of the following:

24*7 exposure to substantial audience.

Marketing campaign noticed by captive audience effectively.

Cost effective advertisement service - Low Cost and high reach.

Geographic Visibility control - Car on road Or parked

For Customers

Welcome to the new world of your Dream Car designed by CarAd.in. Here you have to select your dream car and just discuss with us. We will help you to fulfill your dream successfully. We will deliver you your dream car. In return we will paste fantabulous ads on your car. Yup! its also true that we will pay your EMIs. All of the cars will be equipped with Global Positioning System that ensures, you driving 1250 kms. per month minimum, on specified routes.

Wanna feel comfort..... rely on us..